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Schumann liederkreis


This evening Bariton Joris Stroobants and I will be performing Robert Schumann’s liederkreis op. 39 at Oude Beurs, Hofstraat 15 in Antwerp.  We will conclude the festival from Radio Central 10 years Cloudknitters organised by Leo Reijnders.   We will perform around 9 pm. If you’re interested I advise you to come 30 minutes earlier since I [...]


Parnassus, a classic music notation font


Parnassus is a music notation font I am working on, with the goal of capturing the style of old hand-engraved scores.  It is primarily inspired by scores from Edition Peters, Breitkopf & Hartel, Belaieff, etc..  While there are many computer music fonts, some of which claim to be based on old scores, I haven’t found [...]